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custom reversible jersey
Everyone knows about sports jerseys but have you heard about reversible jerseys? Better yet, did you know that it’s possible to have custom reversible jerseys made? Here are some things to know about one of the latest trends in sports jerseys. What Are Reversible Jerseys Reversible jerseys are a unique version of traditional sports jerseys with one key difference: they can be worn from either side! This means you basically have two jerseys in one.
All Over Shirt Printing
All over shirt printing, also known as sublimation printing, is a popular method used for printing custom designs onto products. This is a digital printing method that involves using an inkjet printer and a heat press, among other things, to create beautiful designs on all sorts of products including polyester t-shirts. While it is possible for anyone to get involved in all over shirt printing, specialized companies like YBA Shirts have top-of-the-line equipment and many

Different Types of Shirt Printing Methods

Posted by YBAShirts on  August 23, 2021
Category: Art, Design, sublimation
Printing shirts today is possible thanks to several different types of technologies. We will go over the main kinds of printing methods so you can see how they all differ. Any one of the many shirt printing companies you find online will be using one of these methods. Screen Printing One method you have probably heard of before is screen printing. Also called silkscreen printing, this printing method delivers impressive results. Using this method uses
custom basketball jerseys
There are some jersey numbers that are simply iconic and forever emblazoned in the annals of sports history. The number 23 is one of those numbers, and is one that has become highly popular to have on custom basketball jerseys. In this article, we will share the 5 best NBA players who wore a 23 on their jerseys. While you may know some of these, others may be new to you. Michael Jordan Depending on
Custom Team Uniforms

How to Create Uniforms for Your Team

Posted by YBAShirts on  July 20, 2021
Category: custom uniforms, Design
Creating uniforms for your team is something you will want to get right the first time. That’s because it is going to be a bit of an investment to have custom uniforms made for everyone on your team. When you know what steps to take that will result in great-looking uniforms, you will have made your investment worth it. Here are the essential elements of every great sports uniform that you should have as part
There is a massive amount of team jerseys today, especially in the NFL. When you are looking to design your own team jersey, where should you turn to for inspiration? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the best NFL team jerseys that you will find worn by players today. Any one of these would make an excellent template for your custom own team jerseys. Las Vegas Raiders We start off our
Maintaining Quality Baseball Jerseys
If you’ve just bought one or more baseball jerseys, you will want to keep it in the great shape it was in the moment you got it. It could end up getting damaged very easily. Jersey preservation will keep your coveted baseball jerseys free from any pulls, tears, fading, or other types of damage. Here is our simple guide for how to keep quality baseball jerseys looking their best. Preserving Premium Jersey Materials Since baseball
On Demand Printing

Top 3 Benefits of On Demand Printing

Posted by YBAShirts on  June 8, 2021
Category: On Demand Printing
Have you ever considered making your own shirts? We’re not talking about getting involved in screen printing or anything like that. We are referring to the magic of On Demand Printing or Print On Demand (POD). Seeing significantly increased popularity in recent years, this way of making clothes offers several great benefits over traditional ways to make custom clothing. Have you been looking for the perfect shirt yet can’t find it anywhere? Why not make
Youth Football Jerseys

5 Benefits for Youth That Play Football

Posted by YBAShirts on  May 26, 2021
Category: football jerseys, Sport
Playing football has been a national pastime for generations in America. It’s an incredibly fun and adrenaline-pumping game that kids simply love. Football, and its iteration flag football, is continually rising up the ranks when it comes to its popularity. Wherever you look, you will find that football is cherished and loved. While football safety is definitely an issue, it can be played more safely by modifying it to become two-hand-touch or flag football. Here are
Highschool football uniforms need to be taken care of a little bit differently than other types of clothing. Due to the fabric and how it is made, you will want to ensure you clean and store them properly. Otherwise, they are going to fade, rip, and feel rougher over time. Here are our tips for how you can keep football jerseys in great shape: Wash Then Right After Use You should wash highschool football uniforms
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