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The Best NFL Team Jerseys Today


The Best NFL Team Jerseys Today

There is a massive amount of team jerseys today, especially in the NFL. When you are looking to design your own team jersey, where should you turn to for inspiration? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the best NFL team jerseys that you will find worn by players today. Any one of these would make an excellent template for your custom own team jerseys.

Las Vegas Raiders

We start off our list with the bold, yet minimalist, look of the Los Vegas Raiders. The sleek silver and black combination makes for a very striking look that has become quite popular for custom team jerseys today.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints have stuck to their jersey color scheme for quite some time now, and for a good reason. The black and gold combination works perfectly together, as does the yellow accent on the jersey collars. If you are looking for something similar to the Los Angeles Raiders jerseys but want a little bit more character, then the New Orleans Saints jerseys are an excellent choice.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys wear a blue and white color combo that is one of the most well-known jerseys in the entire NFL. There is no way you could go wrong when making customer jerseys with this color scheme. That is probably why they have been wearing these jerseys for a long time, and you probably should follow in their footsteps as well.

Green Bay Packers

One of the absolute classics when it comes to NFL jerseys is the green and yellow color scheme worn by the Green Bay Packers. This well-known look is bound to be here to stay, so it is a great template to use for your own customer jerseys.

San Francisco 49ers

If you want to have a bold and striking team jersey, then you should opt for the team jerseys worn by the San Francisco 49ers. It has a strikingly bold color scheme of scarlet red and pure white, making it a jersey that few dare wear. However, if you can muster up the courage to be seen, then this is a great team jersey to customize for your needs and wants.

Los Angeles Chargers

Perhaps the best NFL team jerseys today can be found on the Los Angeles Chargers. The powder blue jerseys stand out along with the sunshine gold pants, with an iconic bolt running down them for added flair. If you want to design a jersey, you may take inspiration from this throwback 1960s-era look. You may have the most stylish team jerseys around today.


Whichever team jerseys you decide to go with to design your own team jersey, you now have a great list to work off of. YBA Shirts makes it a breeze to design any kind of jersey you want, so take a look at what we offer today.

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