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How to Keep a Baseball Jersey in Great Shape

Maintaining Quality Baseball Jerseys

How to Keep a Baseball Jersey in Great Shape

If you’ve just bought one or more baseball jerseys, you will want to keep it in the great shape it was in the moment you got it. It could end up getting damaged very easily. Jersey preservation will keep your coveted baseball jerseys free from any pulls, tears, fading, or other types of damage.

Here is our simple guide for how to keep quality baseball jerseys looking their best.

Preserving Premium Jersey Materials

Since baseball jerseys are made of textiles, the same rules apply to them that do to other fabrics used to make clothing. If you want to keep your jersey in pristine condition, you will need to take a few more steps than you do with the rest of your clothes. This is especially true if you plan on holding onto your jerseys for nostalgic, historical, or reselling purposes.

What you will want to do first is have proper storage for it. This medium should provide enough protection from the outside world. Ultraviolet rays, heat, and humidity can all wreak havoc on your baseball jerseys.

UV light in particular will fade your jerseys and cause them to significantly drop in value. Heat and humidity can lead to fraying of the stitching. Humidity can also cause unwanted mold to fester and grow if you’re not careful, ultimately resulting in rot. This is all why storing your baseball jerseys properly is essential.

How to Store Quality Baseball Jerseys

You have three options when it comes to storing your jerseys: flat, rolled, or hung up. You are probably hanging most of your shirts right now so this is nothing new to you. When it comes to baseball jerseys, simply place the jersey on a hanger and then put a plastic covering over it.

The benefits of rolling up a jersey main stem from it storing more compactly and easily. However, you need to make sure that wherever you are storing your rolled-up jerseys is not getting too hot or humid, and is not going to be hit with UV rays.

The third and best option is to lay your baseball jerseys down flat, without folding them at all. A jersey display case would be the ideal storage medium. This is the way to store jerseys that results in the least amount of damage. Hanging up a jersey can result in its shoulders getting needlessly stretched out. Flat storage won’t negatively affect your jersey in any way, especially if you store it in a cool and dry place. It doesn’t have to be an expensive glass case. Acrylic cases are also a great option.


There you have it! While a case would be the ideal way to store your jersey, you may get away with rolling it up, or even hanging it up if it’s covered with a protective layer. However, your jersey will maintain its quality the most when you store it flat and in a case.

Now that you know how to keep quality baseball jerseys in great shape, make moves to protect your investment. If you’re looking for great baseball jerseys, YBA Shirts has got you covered. Whatever your preference, we’ve got it!

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