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5 Benefits for Youth That Play Football

Youth Football Jerseys

5 Benefits for Youth That Play Football

Playing football has been a national pastime for generations in America. It’s an incredibly fun and adrenaline-pumping game that kids simply love. Football, and its iteration flag football, is continually rising up the ranks when it comes to its popularity. Wherever you look, you will find that football is cherished and loved.

While football safety is definitely an issue, it can be played more safely by modifying it to become two-hand-touch or flag football. Here are some of the greatest benefits youth will enjoy once they start playing football:

Health Improves

A youth’s health will improve when they play football. This fast-paced game requires a significant amount of running, jumping, and abrupt stopping, which boosts heart health. The game also increases endurance and strength due to offensive and defensive tactics used during the game. Motor skills are constantly getting engaged, especially hand-eye coordination. Some studies even point to playing football having a positive effect on bone strength.

Fosters Teamwork

It’s said that teamwork makes the dream work. Kids playing football will learn about being held accountable, leadership, and how being a good sport will lead to praise and respect. Regardless of the position a player has in a football game, there is a purpose and responsibility that gets fulfilled. Everyone who is working together will possess valuable skills inherited from that game that will help them both in and out of the game.

Develops Discipline

When kids play football, they are learning routes, repeating drills, and perfecting their techniques. All of this requires a significant degree of discipline. There is a tremendous amount of repetition of these that will further imprint discipline within the minds of the players. Every one of these practices will be another piece of the foundation that results in a strong work ethic, which becomes integral to a successful life.

Increased Mental Fortitude

Playing football is an excellent way to increase mental fortitude. This means that even when mistakes are made (or especially when they occur), kids will accept them and do better next time. Setbacks happen in life, and experiencing them within the context of a game makes it easier to come to terms with this fact of life later on. Players must be able to persevere and stay calm under pressure.


Football is a social sport. It requires children to communicate effectively with one another. This is because each player has to rely on others to be victorious in the game. The socialization element of football can also lead to long-lasting relationships with other children.

Football is a great youth sport, and they will walk away from the game with all of the benefits mentioned in this article. Since it’s a team sport, why not get some custom youth football jerseys made to increase the team spirit? YBA Shirts can be where you turn to for a wide selection of jersey options. Browse our collection today!

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