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How to Create Uniforms for Your Team

Custom Team Uniforms

How to Create Uniforms for Your Team

Creating uniforms for your team is something you will want to get right the first time. That’s because it is going to be a bit of an investment to have custom uniforms made for everyone on your team. When you know what steps to take that will result in great-looking uniforms, you will have made your investment worth it.

Here are the essential elements of every great sports uniform that you should have as part of your design process:

Create a Design

Your team should have its own design. You can get some help from doing an image search on Google. Think about what your vision is for the team and find something that matches it. Once you have found a design that you like, you can either use it if it’s a stock image or have someone else design a unique version for you.

Have a Logo

No team is complete without its own logo. Every uniform should have your team’s unique logo emblazoned across it. This is going to be your brand so make sure it stands out from others. In fact, your logo may be just about the most important aspect of your uniform. As with designs, there are plenty of options out there waiting for you. You can also get one done by a professional graphic designer after you tell them what you are looking to express to others through it.

Put Together a Color Scheme

The color combination you use when creating uniforms for your team will help define it. Ideally, the colors are going to blend seamlessly together and not clash with one another. Professional designers know how to combine two colors without one overpowering the other. You should also know that for every one of the seven primary colors, there are going to be hundreds of different shades and hues to choose from. That means you should make sure you are specific when picking out colors.

Pick a Team Name

Every team needs a name. This is usually the name of a city followed by the name of an animal or something else, but you can make it just a city name, team name, abbreviation, or just a logo! You can show off your team name in several different ways on your team uniforms, so decide on how you would like to present it.

Select a Font

The last piece of the puzzle when creating uniforms for your team is to select a font. This font will convey the character of your team so make sure it matches what you’re looking to be seen as. You can take a cue from other popular teams and see what is the common type of font to use.


These are all of the basic steps for how to create uniforms for your team. You can now confidently get started on getting your team amazing uniforms. YBA Shirts can help make the entire process easier for you without vast customization options. Get started on creating your team uniforms today!

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