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The Future of Dye-Sublimation Printing


The Future of Dye-Sublimation Printing

The future of dye-sublimation printing looks just as bright as the dyes themselves, according to research done by Smithers. There are four key trends that will push immense growth in this industry in the next decade.


One of the predicted trends is more automation. With everything from gaming to Google searches going towards artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise that other industries, like dye-sublimation printing will as well. This type of automation is likely to show itself in areas like fabric handling, software for web-to-print ordering, and ink and fabric loading.


Dye-sublimation is a high quality and popular type of printing that is likely to only rise in demand. It is predicted that it will lead to more productive machinery. Other assets or options will also help to simplify the process and make dye-sublimation products more available.

Online Retailing

With so many people shopping online, it’s no surprise that this is one of the key trends looking forward. Printers that have quick turnarounds will likely have the advantage here as the online shopping world is fast-paced. In connection with this, seasonal trends have also already started to become more prevalent.


Even with the predicted trend of more productivity and larger presses, the data from Smither’s research also suggests a higher demand for single-print items. This is because customer-designed products are becoming increasingly popular. It’s likely that processes will develop that will allow instant printing.

Even though processes, technology, and levels of demand may change, research shows that dye-sublimation printing is here to stay. The chemical process of making the dye a structural part of the fabric makes for lasting, durable designs in a way that goes unrivaled. For sublimated printed items, whether it be for your sports league, school uniforms, or corporate wear, YBA Shirts has got you covered. Visit our website today to find your best fit.

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