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What is Sublimation?


What is Sublimation?

There are a variety of printing methods when it comes to making customs shirts, but one of the best practices is sublimation printing. This reliable method yields some of the highest quality graphics for sports leagues and teams alike, and it is a process that we have mastered here at YBA Shirts. While it may be one of the most popular printing methods used at YBA Shirts, not too many people know what sublimation is.

So, what exactly is it? Don’t worry, in this piece, we’re going to go over everything there is to know about sublimation so that you can understand more about what we do here at YBA shirts!

Sublimation Broken Down

Sublimation is a chemical printing process in which a solid turns into a gas, bypassing the liquid stage entirely. This process is also known as dye sublimation printing and is the best method for transferring images onto suitable material. We use this method to print custom logos onto our jerseys, which range in all kinds of different fabrics.

How Sublimation Works 

To utilize sublimation printing, you have to have a digital printer, transfer paper and sublimation ink in order to print the desired logo onto the material. The transfer paper, ink and material (shirt or jersey) are placed into a heat press, exposing all properties to temperatures that reach up to 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, the ink turns into a gaseous phase and transfers from the paper to the jersey or shirt. As the heat releases from the press, the ink returns to a solid-state, permanently attaching to the fabric.

High-quality images can be printed in this way because the heat’s intensity opens the pores of the fabric, and the ink embeds itself into the jersey or shirt while it is in a gaseous phase. After the pressure and heat are released, the fabric pores close, and the ink gets trapped inside the material.

Sublimation Uses

Aside from being used to create high-quality images on things like shirts and jerseys, people use sublimation on products like coasters, mugs, mousepads and more. However, at YBA shirts, our sublimation specialization is in sports jerseys and shirts. We know that the sublimation process is undisputedly one of the best ways to print custom designs on various materials, and that’s why we urge you to give one of our sublimated shirts a try. Now that you know how sublimation works, don’t hesitate to customize and start your order with us today.

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