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How Sublimation Works


How Sublimation Works

Sublimation is an advanced printing process used to create high-quality imagery on apparel like the jerseys we have here at YBA Shirts. If you haven’t checked out our previous blog that explains what sublimation is, feel free to read it before you read this one. However, if you want a quick rundown, sublimation is a printing process that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat.

It does, however, go deeper than that, and in this blog, we’ll be discussing how it all works.

The Process

As mentioned briefly in the previous paragraph, sublimation printing uses heat to bring fabric and ink together. The process begins as a design is printed onto special transfer paper and a heat press. From there, the ink used to color the design is turned into gas once it is pressed and heated. Once the press cools and the ink returns to a solid-state, the ink transfers from the paper to the fabric. Unlink screenprint and other shirt printing techniques, this process ensures that the effects are permanent and don’t fade over time.

The way this works is through a chemical reaction that takes place. The process allows the ink to bypass the liquid stage, going from the solid-state straight to the gas-state like dry ice. Essentially, the ink heating and cooling phases combine to embed the ink into the very fabric of the material. The heat opens up the pores of the fabric, and then when pressure is applied, the ink sinks into the pores. The result of this process gives you a fully colored image that doesn’t crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.

While sublimation is a popular print technique, we also use screenprint, embroidering and others. With a company like YBA Shirts, you are given the option to design your jersey the way you want it. Each technique has different benefits, but when it comes to sublimation, you will not only notice the clean design but also that the jersey remains lightweight.

Sublimation is growing in popularity due to the remarkable results that it yields. Its simple process has even crossed over onto other material bases like ceramic, wood and metals. We may not know much about these other printings, but when it comes to customized sublimated jerseys, you can rest assured that the print will last a long time. If you’re looking to get some custom, high-quality shirts made, make sure to give us a call here at YBA Shirts.


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