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What are Reasonable Prices to Pay for Custom Jerseys or Shirts?


What are Reasonable Prices to Pay for Custom Jerseys or Shirts?

Every sports enthusiast loves wearing their team jerseys. Other than showing your loving and loyalty to your team, sports jersey and shirts show a fashionable side in you. The good thing with jerseys is that you can customize them however you want. You can have your name printed on it or have new figures and images. Sublimation printing is a great way to showcase images on shirts. The process involves the printing of pictures on transfer paper, and later transferring that image onto a piece of cloth. YBA Shirts offers a variety of custom jerseys that have a personal touch. How much can you pay for custom jerseys? The price depends on many factors. Consider the following when buying a custom jersey or shirt. 

Quality of Fabric

The quality of the fabric is a key factor in all sports uniforms and apparel.  At YBA, we only use the highest quality fabrics available. Polyester-Spandex Mesh is among the most popular materials for sublimated uniforms.  The fabric is durable and will move ‘with’ the athlete rather than restricting them.  The type of fabric varies from sport to sport.  For example, we use a very lightweight polyester blend for soccer and a heavyweight durable polyester-spandex blend for tackle football. Whatever the sport, YBA has what you need.


The shop you buy the jersey from should have a quick turnaround. This is crucial as you may place the wrong order. Different brands offer different products. The price you pay for a quality jersey will be much more than that of a cheap jersey. YBA Shirts has great jerseys and shirts. You will get the best price if you are budget conscious and are looking for something affordable. The jerseys are available in different colors too.


YBA Shirts has the best quality custom jerseys and shirts that have undergone perfect sublimation printing. The shirts are fit for training, mentoring and sports activities. YBA Shirts are recommended for playing and sports coaching. The fabric is comfortable on the body and easy to wash.

CTA: Order your favorite customized jersey today from YBA Shirts. We have every design you dream of. Different style options are available for every client. Get collegiate cut football jerseys and other sports fits that have gone through the sublimation process. Order a mitered v-neck & covered hemmed sleeve cuffs w/ elastic now. All you need to do is visit this website and place your order.

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