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4 Advantages of Custom PE Uniforms

custom PE uniforms

4 Advantages of Custom PE Uniforms

Whether or not to have uniforms of any kind is still up for debate in many school districts. However, when it comes to physical education, there are some benefits that are hard to pass up. Here are four ways custom PE uniforms can help both students and faculty.


Custom PE uniforms can be made with student names printed or stitched into the fabric. This can help teachers keep track of their students. This can also help faculty recognize students from non-students. On the students’ side of things, uniforms cut out the stress of having to decide what to wear to PE class.


Equality is one of the big arguments for any type of school uniform. PE uniforms have a way of leveling out the playing field for students. Status and distractions are taken out of the picture and the only competition is on the court. Custom PE uniforms can be a step towards less bullying.

School Spirit

Wearing a uniform makes us feel a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. Something that we can represent. Uniforms can help encourage school spirit, especially if they are well-designed. Give your students and faculty something they can feel proud to wear.


Physical activity needs fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Custom PE uniforms give students the right kind of clothes for sports and other activities. They also give students something to change out of after an hour of running around on the court. This is a boost to hygiene. If nothing else, uniforms can keep students safe and comfortable.

Of course, the best thing about custom PE Uniforms is that they are unique to your school and to your students. At YBA Shirts, you can choose your style and your colors. We will work with you to make sure that your logo and designs are just right. Check out our website to learn how you can add some spark to this school year.

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