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The Benefits of Quality Custom Uniforms in Charter Schools

custom PE uniforms

The Benefits of Quality Custom Uniforms in Charter Schools

Student-athletes hit the field before school starts and again when school ends. Physical education is part of a normal and healthy curriculum for all students, and it is through PE that students develop a love for a particular sport. Sports offer a scholarship opportunity for exceptional players and team-building and social opportunities for students who like to play but may not have the time to become varsity players. Every kid needs clothes to wear during PE, and they need clothes that can stand up to running, jumping, tackling and hard use. Wearing custom PE uniforms promotes a sense of unity among players. Everyone is on the same team, and kids can tell that at a glance. After all, pros wear the same colors on the field, and kids also like to be part of the team. Charter schools often differentiate through the use of uniforms, and that should continue onto the sports field.

Affordable Custom PE Uniforms

When buying for an entire group of kids, YBA Shirts offers a full range of sizes and colors, along with the ability to customize designs to include your school’s logo. Whether you want a full design on the back or just a discreet pocket-sized image, we can help.

Durable and Quality

Our uniforms stand the test of time, so charter schools can build up an inventory of sports uniforms that look good after dozens of washes, even with the active play that happens on the field.

Fast Delivery

Whether you need to order just a few sizes or enough for the entire school, YBA Shirts can deliver PE uniforms quickly. Order turnaround time is 2.5 weeks from start to finish.

Easy Design Process

Our affordable custom PE uniforms are easy to order and come with the option of pre-designed templates or your own design.  Our YBA Sales Reps and in house graphic designer can work with you to create a PE shirt your students can be proud of.


When you know the quantity and sizes you need, ordering is simple. Either give us a call or use our convenient online form to get things started. Our reps can help you with sizing, design and any other questions you might have. And, as soon as you get your order finalized, we can provide a delivery date. It’s just that simple, and we look forward to helping your charter school look crisp and professional while in the game.

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