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Why Quality Uniforms Are Important

custom basketball jerseys

Why Quality Uniforms Are Important

There are both physical and psychological perks to having custom basketball jerseys. This is especially true if they are made with quality materials. Here are some reasons why sports teams, from elementary schools to the big leagues, should think before cutting corners on the quality of their teams’ uniforms:

Team Unity

There is already a psychological, uniting effect that comes with wearing clothes that are identical in design and color. If that color and design are unique to your team, then the effect is even more uniting. Your team can stand out from the rest and, with a nice design, they can feel proud doing so.

Less Stress

The entire concept of having a uniform instantly takes away the hassle of trying to decide what to wear to a game. All your players have to do is pull on their uniforms and jump into action. Having your team’s custom basketball jerseys and other sportswear made from quality material also prevents issues like jerseys shrinking in the wash or players dealing with overheating during a game.


Once your team members pull that jersey over their heads, they’ll know its game time. They now represent the team and that mindset can encourage players to put out their best performance. Your custom basketball jerseys can quickly help your players get their heads in the game.


Perhaps the most obvious reason to invest in quality when it comes to your custom basketball jerseys is so that you don’t find yourself already hunting for a new set partway through the season. When looking for new uniforms, make sure that they use sublimation printing for logos and design. This will prevent peeling or fading. Also be sure that the material is quality, such as double-knit polyester, moisture-wicking polyester, or air-knit polyester.

At YBA Shirts, we know how important this year’s season is. That’s why we partner with brands like Adidas, Augusta, Holloway, Champro, and Alleson to provide you products that are both quality made and affordable. We also have our sublimation printing down to an art. So if you are looking to check team uniforms off your list, we’ve got you covered. Contact a YBA Sales Rep to get a free quote.

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