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How to Design Custom Basketball Jerseys

custom basketball jerseys

How to Design Custom Basketball Jerseys

Are this year’s jersey’s looking like they’ve seen better games? Or maybe you just need something new and fresh to celebrate your team’s spirit. One of the best things about having custom basketball jerseys is that they allow you to add your own personalized spin to help you team stand out, but it’s likely jerseys are not the only thing on your to-do list. So how do you create a quick and quality design that inspires your players to run proudly out onto the court? Here are a few simple steps:

Check out our Uniform Builder

At YBA, we work hard so that you don’t have to. We’ve created a uniform builder tool that will makes it possible for you to design, customize, and order custom basketball jerseys in a matter of minutes.

Choose Your Colors

You can have your colors automatically selected by choosing your school. Begin typing in the name of your school into the search bar. When yours comes up, select it. Our uniform builder tool will instantly populate options based on your team colors and mascot. If you would like to use custom colors, select the custom team option. Enter your team’s name and then choose your primary, second, and third colors from the 20+ available options.

Select Style

Choose the basketball styles option. You can then select from a wide variety of different jersey styles. Select the customize option to choose one of the styles and to add any additional customizations.

Place Your Order

 Once you have created your design for your custom basketball jerseys. You can add your roster and finalize your order. YBA creates custom uniforms, which means we will create premium crafted uniforms unique to your team rather than having a cookie-cutter version. Your order should arrive in 4-6 weeks.

Having custom basketball jerseys doesn’t have to break the bank or your schedule. At YBA the process is as simple as four steps and the price is the manufacture’s suggested retail pricing alone with whatever custom deal you might work out with your dealer. Now you can get back to fine-tuning those free throws.

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