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The Importance of Team Colors

custom basketball jerseys

The Importance of Team Colors

Sports uniforms are great for having something to wear to a game. Something that is allowed to get grass stains. Something that can keep you cool and can help you spot teammates at a glance. After all, why else would you bother with custom basketball jerseys or other sports uniforms unique to you and your league?

However, there are some psychological effects that show there may be more to having a team uniform and team colors than you may think.


It is common for sports teams to choose colors that are opposite to each other. This isn’t just because it looks nice. These kinds of color pairings create a sense of tension or drama in our minds, which adds to the excitement and narrative of a good game.


Studies have been done to see if and how much uniform color affects athletes on the playing field. The findings of these studies suggested that color does very much affect players. When players wore custom basketball jerseys or other uniforms printed in red, they had a higher tendency towards winning. Likewise, those who wore black, a color associated with aggression, tended to land more penalties. The colors appeared to affect not just the athletes wearing them, but the opposing team and even the referees.


When your team has custom basketball jerseys made just for them with their colors, it allows them to feel unique and distinguished from the opposing team. This is also true of having individual names printed on the back. It gives each member of the team a chance to represent something. On the more practical side, custom colors and uniforms help athletes and fans better follow what’s happening.

All in all, having a unique uniform is a great way to encourage team unity and performance. If you’re looking for a quality way to outfit your league for this coming season, we offer easy customization and quality sublimation printing. Visit our website today and get started building your team’s uniforms.

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