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What to Understand Before Selecting the Sublimation Process

What to Understand Before Selecting the Sublimation Process

What to know about sublimation

What to Know About Sublimation

Things to Understand Before Selecting the Sublimation Process

If you are shopping for printed t-shirts, team jerseys or custom corporate apparel, you’ve probably come across sublimation. It is one of the more popular methods for producing premium quality prints, fast becoming an alternative to screen printing and DTG (direct to garment). Sublimation involves converting dye from solid to gas without passing through the liquid state. The process begins with printing the design using a special transfer paper and dye. The paper is then pressed to the fabric using heat and pressure to transfer the design on to the canvas. Here are three things you need to know before choosing the sublimation process.

1. It Is Best for Polyester Fabric

The sublimation process works with various canvases, including fabric, wood, metal, ceramic and more. However, the design isn’t permanent in all of these canvases. When it comes to custom printed apparel, the best results are from 100 percent polyester fabric, such as team jerseys. You can still choose sublimation for cotton tees, but the dye won’t be permanent.

2. Has No Tangible Texture

The primary appeal of sublimation printed apparel is the neat finish you get. In the process, the dye is transferred to the fabric in a gaseous state and cools to become part of the fiber with no tangible feel, unlike other methods that add a textured layer. The prints also last longer and less likely to fade, considering it is part of the apparel.However, this is only guaranteed when using fabric that contains a higher percentage of polyester.

3. Works for Specific Designs

Sublimation can provide exceptional results for custom t-shirts, corporate apparel, team jerseys and other casual wear. However, the process isn’t ideal for all requirements. It suits designs that are rather dramatic and artistic, accommodating seam-to-seam printing. You can print apparel with multiple colors, features, logos and artwork placed randomly or in patterns. Although the process may cause white screening, there are no color limitations, making it unsuitable for block-color designs.

Premium Quality Sublimation Apparel

The sublimation process can yield high-quality results for both small and large batches.The method efficiently embeds all kinds of designs into the fabric, creating a permanent aesthetic appeal that won’t fade. At YBA, we work each order independently to ensure our customers get premium quality sublimation apparel that meets their needs. Contact us today to find out more about our offers or buy sublimation apparel in bulk for discounts and quick turnaround.
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