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What Makes a Great Jersey?

What Makes a Great Jersey?

Custom Basketball Jersey

YBA Shirts: Custom Basketball Jersey

What Makes a Great Jersey?

At YBA, we know what goes into making a great jersey; we’ve done it for over 40 years!Although everyone has their own unique style, there are some key qualities that all players look for. When picking out your next custom basketball jerseys for your team, below is a quick list of what can make a great jersey, specific to what you may be looking for.


Sublimation is the manufacturing process where the design of the jersey is infused right into the fabric. This can include different colors within the jersey, strips, numbers, logos, and player names. Sublimation offers a 100 percent customizable experience and is the ideal choice for vibrant designs.
One of the major benefits of sublimated jerseys is that they last longer than their counterparts. Because the designs are within the fabric, they will not wear away or peel off. Sublimated jerseys are also lighter weight, and can feel nicer to play in since they’re not weighed down by things like embroidery.


There’s nothing worse than a poor fitting jersey. A poor fit can get in the way of your players’ performance, and may be detrimental to their game.
At YBA, we offer a wide range of youth, men’s and women’s sizes, and our size chart ensures that your players have the best-tailored fit possible. When ordering our basketball jerseys, you have the option to choose customized jerseys that are either fitted or relaxed, depending on the needs of your players.

Materials and Quality

When you think of a great jersey, itchiness, heaviness and horrible breathability are definitely not traits you would think of. A jersey that’s high quality will last for more than  one season, is lightweight, and helps to wick away sweat is what every athlete looks for.Fabrics can include dry-fit and polyester to help wick away sweat, and spandex for elasticity. If you’re looking for optimal breathability, look for designs with mesh side inserts.
To find out more and design your own custom basketball jerseys, visit us online today!
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