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The Importance of a Good Team Mascot

The Importance of a Good Team Mascot

Squirrel character mascot has a message for humanity. Environmental concept about animal rights

You see them everywhere, including during events, sports games, tradeshows, social media platforms, commercials, and schools. Mascots are becoming a popular way to fire up crowds and give a team identity, as well as custom jerseys. It is little wonder why ever since 1966, each FIFA World Cup tournament has had its unique mascot. Below are the reasons why you should incorporate a mascot into your marketing strategy.

Mascots Can Give You a Competitive Edge on Social Media

Mascots have a unique way of engaging and entertaining your followers to help build a personality in a way not possible through a corporate social media site. It is more likely that your audience will engage more with your mascot than they would with a real person employed by that company.

Mascots Entertain and Engage

Besides engaging the social media audience, mascots provide a forum for real-time entertainment. Mascots draw masses closer wherever they go and become a spectacle that makes people wait to see greater anticipation. Mascots are larger-than-life characters who have a way of engaging crowds, which is second to none.

Additional Revenue Streams

Mascots help generate extra revenue for your team from selling related merchandise. A mascot also helps increase sales for your sports team by having it sent out on community events. Your team can also enhance revenues from licensing Rights and merchandise creation from a well-known mascot.

Mascots Add Personality

There is more to creating a brand personality than reaching out to your target audience with the right message. Most sports teams struggle with creating a personality around them. A mascot helps give your team character, personality, and a face. It becomes easy to establish a physical and emotional connection with your audience, to help differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

Adding a mascot into your marketing mix helps develop a personality aligned with your mascot and makes your brand look friendly.

Every time you think of your favorite team, their mascot comes into your mind. A mascot gives your team its identity. Visit YBA Shirts today for custom jerseys and to help make your team’s image stick into the minds of your fans.


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