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Take Your Team to the Next Level with Sublimation

Custom Team Uniforms

Take Your Team to the Next Level with Sublimation

The art of sublimation requires highly-skilled experts who understand how high temperatures are used to transfer ink onto fabric. This type of service is slowly replacing traditional custom procedures such as heat-press and screen printing. The idea is to fuse ink into the fabric and not coating its surface. If you are a school or a corporate looking for sublimation services, we reveal why we recommend it over screen printing.

Perfect for bulk orders

We have great prices, whether you are requesting sublimation services for one item or 1,000 items. Our procedures are programmed to handle bulk orders. We strongly recommend our customers to make order requests for 1-up items and promotional items for SMEs, schools and sports teams.

Total customization

The idea of sublimation is to make you look as unique as possible. Since no plates are required, it is perfect for customizing designs that keep changing. Also, it offers an unlimited range of colors using four-color ink. It doesn’t matter how many changes you want to make. Your wish is our command.

Same-day results

Unlike screen-printing, sublimation is quick and easy. Due to the on-demand printing of sports gears, it will only take us one-hour printing. This not only reduces the risk of producing wrong results, but it also minimizes wastage.

Flexibility on rigid surfaces

Besides uniforms and t-shirts, we also conduct printing on rigid surfaces such as photo plates, mugs and clocks. Sublimation prints on such surfaces are flexible, unlike when using other printing methods.


Products that undergo the sublimation process hardly get exposed to wear and tear due to scratches. Once we are done with sublimation, the print will get integrated into the surface to become part of it.

At YBA, we specialize in manufacturing, sublimation printing and customizing uniforms. We are experts in sublimation and are committed to ensuring you get the best results. Whether you are looking to place an order for a few items or in bulk, we will be at your service. Call or email us today to get a quote to take your team to the next level.

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