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Sublimation: Why You Need it for Your Team Uniforms

Sublimation: Why You Need it for Your Team Uniforms

Whether your reason for contracting sublimation printing services is business-related or sports-related, getting the best person for the job is essential. In one way or another, you are looking to market your business or outshine your opponents. At YBA Shirts, our goal is to ensure you get the best custom-designed t-shirts at an affordable price. Read on to discover what your team stands to get from sublimation over other printing techniques.


Everyone is looking to save on cost nowadays, and you are not any different. Unlike screen printing, sublimation is more cost-effective since it relies on laser transfer paper to press on the shirt. Our prices are affordable, depending on the number of t-shirts you want for your team. The more products you order, the higher your chances of getting the best rates.

Light-weight fabrics

The last thing anyone needs is wearing a thickly-coated jersey or t-shirt. But with sublimated jerseys, the ink will be sublimated directly into the fabric. Since it dries quickly, you will feel comfortable wearing light-weight fabrics regardless of your team’s type of sport.

Guaranteed durability with Sublimation

Our sublimation process involves heating the ink to a gas state of matter. It will be embedded directly into the fabric. That means there will be a permanent bonding between the colors and fabric. So, you won’t have to worry about the ink falling off even after several washes.

New trends and styles every year

Sublimation designs keep evolving each year. We don’t plan on discarding the previous years’ designs. Instead, we keep adding new styles so that you can keep up with the trends. We are open to changes as far as sublimation is concerned.

The best-sublimated results make you feel powerful

Custom sublimated t-shirts look good, and that makes your team look and feel great. If you look stylish, you will feel confident enough, regardless of who you are competing against.

Place your order today

At YBA Shirts, we aim at customizing sublimated t-shirts or jerseys for your team. We can only be successful when you are satisfied with what we produce for you. Call us today to get sublimation and other printing services.

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