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Sublimation: Why it’s Important in Team Uniforms.

Sublimation: Why it’s Important in Team Uniforms.

What is sublimation, and why is it so important in teams? How could sublimation play a vital role in what a team uniform can do for each person?

Answering these questions requires anyone to get into the heads of those who love to make something truly their own. The age of customizing has dominated the online marketplace in the last several decades, thus leading the consumer to not only make a favorite purchase but to be able to tailor it to suit their own wants and needs. Going online to order anything, from clothing to cars, has allowed us to choose a color theme that caters to us as individuals.

Why Sublimation?

Sublimation allows the colors and designs to be a part of the fabric. Infusion is a major part of the process where the colors, design, and team logos all become an integral part of the fabric. This is done to help the clothing article withstand washing and other forms of fading through wear and tear. This allows for better cost savings among vendors like YBA Shirts, and nothing ever even cracks. Plus, there’s more room for more designs on a single shirt, sweatshirt, or jersey.

With sublimation, you can feel the smooth consistency of the fabric without all the bumps that once came with these designs.

Long Lasting Effects

The digital age has allowed for clear-cut designs that are easy on the human eye. In fact, these designs can come custom-made with specialized linear or vertical gradient technology which allows for the colors to fade quietly into the next one. A blue can fade over to red, or vice versa, and such fading actually implies a transition of color. Team logos are bold, brilliant, and can come in a variety of colors which fade into another. Plus, the aesthetic effect is a pure stroke of genius: The entire design closely resembles those holographs of yesterday, where a central image fades into another when you move the picture.

Jerseys and sweatshirts that are designed by means of the sublimation process will feel a lot lighter and less chunky. They will be much thinner than the classic sweatshirts where the logo had to be ironed and pressed on through an actual plate than a modernized web palette. Perhaps these reasons and more explain their immediate surge in popularity.

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