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Sublimation Uniforms Make Teams Look More Professional

Sublimation Uniforms Make Teams Look More Professional

There may be sports fans who have come to believe that some authority exists, charged with determining the patterns and color combinations allowable for team uniforms. For example, the similarity between the uniforms of the Green Bay Packers and the Edmonton Football Team, which are borrowed from the University of Alberta, are plain to see. Perhaps the managements of some football organizations don’t see the value in outfitting their teams in not only the best-performing—but also the best-looking—uniforms available. And that’s where sublimation comes in!

Sublimation Uniforms: The Choice Of Top Athletes

The very best team uniforms available today are custom made from fabric decorated using sublimation printing like the professionals at YBA Shirts do. Sublimation printing differs from screen printing in that dye is actually infused into the fabric, becoming a part of the material itself. Sublimation-printed fabric does not peel or crack the way almost all screen-printed fabric does with time. Many sports teams have found significant savings in the ability to reuse uniforms over several seasons, owing to the durability and appealing presentation sublimated uniforms provide.

Today’s top teams are foregoing traditional designs of the past, forced upon them by uniform makers unwilling, or lacking the tools and technology, to manufacture the very best athletic apparel possible. Designing a uniform with any color, pattern, design, and logo combination possible and without the limitations imposed by restricting panels and weighty embroidery is now within the reach of any manager or coach.

Improve Performance With Sublimated Fabric

There is no longer any reason why a sports fan might turn on a television or see a picture of a football player and be confused if they are playing for Green Bay, Edmonton, or any other team. Sublimation uniforms give organizations the power to create their own unique brand identity and take advantage of the many associated benefits, including:

  • Improved team spirit and pride
  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased weight
  • Cost savings
  • Completely customizable, allowing for one-of-a-kind uniforms

More than one sports organization has realized increased revenues by simply offering their unique sublimated jerseys for sale to their fans. Sublimation uniforms present a win-win situation for teams, members, managements, and fans.

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