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Sublimation: How it Helps Players Move Easier


Sublimation: How it Helps Players Move Easier

In the past, screen printed sportswear was the norm. However, technological advancements have led to an evolution in the printing industry. Today, sublimation has taken the industry with a storm, allowing manufacturers to produce top-quality items, perform short-run printing, and promotional kits.

You might wonder why sublimation is worth your money. Well, at least it offers an excellent alternative to alleviate the worry that comes with faded, flaking, and cracked jerseys. With sublimation, you not only get high-quality and durability, but it boosts your basketball, football, or cricket team’s performance through easy and quick movements.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process that uses heat and pressure to create imprints and designs that adhere directly to the fabric. Resultantly, you get high-quality products that last longer than their screen-printed counterparts. The process starts by printing the design or logo on a dye paper that matches the garment’s size. A heated roller then presses the paper against the fabric, transferring the dye to the material.

Helping Athletes Move Easily [and Comfortably]

One reason why teams invest in uniforms made using sublimation is that they enhance your tam’s on-field performance. The fabric used for sublimation is comfortable and practical to all athletes, whether amateur or elite.

Most manufacturers use white or light-colored polyester and poly-coated substrate that have a high level of fabric integrity. The material is practically light, durable, and stretchy, allowing players to move easily with minimal resistance.

Additionally, performance fabrics have been designed to act as sweat-wicking shirts. Players engage in strenuous sports that increase their body temperatures. Sublimation shirts will efficiently evaporate sweat to the material surface, keeping players cool even in the most intense matches.

More Advantages

With screen printing, teams had to settle for a limited selection of specified colors such as red, blue, white, etc. Sublimation has introduced other colors that no one could ever think were possible to imprint on fabric. These include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Sublimation also allows teams to print customized sportswear at a little extra cost. That said, you can include your sponsor’s logo, players’ names, and the team or other texts that will make the shirt unique. To order sublimated t-shirts, contact us at YBA Shirts today!

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