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Sports Jerseys Now and Then: How Jerseys Have Changed

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Sports Jerseys Now and Then: How Jerseys Have Changed

Custom Jerseys and How They’ve Evolved

Have you ever thought about why a team’s uniform is the way it is and how sports custom jerseys’ have changed over the years? Sports uniforms are more attractive now than they were years ago. If you’ve paid attention to the jerseys, the fabric, colors, and styles have played a role in the professional ball leagues. It could be why some fans choose their favorite teams or buy official NFL jerseys or decide not to purchase them.

In the beginning, sports jerseys or team uniforms didn’t have many colors or, for that matter, parts. The ancient Greeks often competed in the nude, but that’s not how they do it these days. Players didn’t wear helmets or pads, either.

In the 1920s, teams wore silk pants and shoulder pads made with sheet metal. That was Jim Thorpe’s idea. Helmets, in the 1940s, had devices in them like walkie-talkies’. This idea made it possible for players to protect their heads and coaches to communicate with their teams while on the field.

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Sports uniforms were not limited to the NFL, but hockey players borrowed from their football uniforms if they played the game in the off-season. It was easy to switch parts of the football uniforms and add sweaters to warm sports team apparel.

Since there weren’t many players, it wasn’t difficult to put the team into the same or like uniforms. Because of the familiar uniforms, fans knew which team to cheer for.

Sports Custom Jerseys Now and Then

Gymnasts wore gray linen uniforms, but they ended up wearing cotton shirts.

After the 19th century, athletes dyed their shirts in different colors and sewed on the player’s number.

After World War II, they made sports jerseys out of cotton or wool, which made the jerseys soft, and the players were able to move above the shirts comfortably because the fabric was stretchy.

Athletes in the ‘70s wore tight-fitting polyester jerseys. They became highly popular as they are now. 

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