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Simple is Sleek: Benefits of Simple P.E. Uniforms

Simple is Sleek: Benefits of Simple P.E. Uniforms


Uniforms: PE attire

Simple is Sleek: Benefits of Simple P.E. Uniforms

The idea that less is more has been perpetrated in the art and design industries for years and still holds relevance when it comes to printing custom P.E. uniforms. There are various design elements you can integrate into a P.E. uniform. However, your pursuit of creating unique outfits that distinguish you from other groups only needs a few. Keeping it simple is one of the best approaches to any creative design, artwork, or music for obvious reasons.

Here’s why you should choose simple PE uniforms:

1. Focus on the Key Functions

Keeping the design simple allows you to focus on the essential aspects of the P.E.uniform, such as comfort, durability, ease of cleaning and branding. While you can still evaluate these areas with elaborate designs, it will take significantly longer. The extra design elements also cost more and can potentially drain your budget, leading you to compromise on the key components.

2. Save More on Orders

Whether you are ordering team jerseys in bulk or need PR uniforms for a small pack, it is essential to set a budget. Having an elaborate design will eat up your budget since each extra element comes with a price. Simple designs only need a few details and materials, which can translate to cheaper production and lower retail prices.

3. Aesthetics

While you can find beauty in dramatic art and several objects appearing randomly on a canvas, P.E. uniforms aren’t the place to showcase this type of art. You only need a few colors and relevant logos or messages for the custom prints. The uniform design will depend on what group you have. Nonetheless, it is recommendable to restrict the design to a few elements, rather than having all kinds of art, shapes and sewing techniques.

Order custom P.E. Uniforms Today

YBA allows you to order custom P.E. uniforms embedded with the unique artwork and elements you request. A simple sublimation process is used to produce neat permanent prints with no tangible texture. You can also customize the apparel as much as needed.
Contact YBA today to find out more about how you can buy premium-quality custom P.E. uniforms.
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