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Should You Give Mass Custom PE Uniform Orders a Go?

Should You Give Mass Custom PE Uniform Orders a Go?

Custom PE Uniforms

Should You Give Mass Custom PE Orders a Go?

Custom P.E. uniforms are considered as important to both school teams and leagues for various reasons. This is for unity amongst teammates and to eliminate problems amongst teammates regarding social status within the team or school. It also allows students to be dressed appropriately for whichever sport they are engaging in. This helps to ensure both safety and comfortability during PE. Different types of apparel that are included in customized PE uniforms include t-shirts, shorts, joggers and hoodies.

Sublimated Uniforms

Sublimated uniforms are often considered as a top tier choice for many sports directors. However, this statement may be challenged as it is not always cost-effective. There is definitely a need for the customization of PE uniforms.  Players need to be identified by their teammates, the opposing side as well as their fans whilst playing.

However, the problem that many sports directors struggle with is finding a manufacturer that will provide the customized PE uniforms at an affordable rate. Printed apparel is considered to be much more affordable than sublimated apparel especially in the case of a mass order being placed.

Custom PE Uniforms

YBA Shirts offer a solution to this problem. They manufacture comfortable custom PE Uniforms at a large scale in the best quality material for the best price. They also have a variety of choices to choose from. This is based on the budget of either the school or the sports directors. An example of this is the simple PE t-shirt. YBA Shirts manufactures this in three different types of material, the cheapest being the pre-shrunk cotton tee to the slightly higher priced polyester tee. A middle option is also available where the t-shirt is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which offers customers the best of both at an even more affordable rate.

The best part is that the custom P.E. uniforms are manufactured, printed and shipped to you all from under the same roof. All you have to do is contact us and request a quote from a sales rep. If you would like to know more about these amazing garments and their pricing, give us a call today.

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