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Sublimation Uniforms for Your Team

Sublimation Uniforms for Your Team

Sublimation Uniforms for Your Team

Are you searching for a new customizable uniform for your sports team? If you need a jersey, t-shirts or shorts that are long-lasting and won’t wear, you may like to choose a sublimation uniform. Sublimination uniforms from YBA Shirts are manufactured using good quality materials, making them longer lasting than standard PE uniforms.

The Sublimation Process

YBA Shirts use an effective print process, making their uniforms longer-lasting and of high quality. The players’ names and your team or school logo are first imprinted on paper, then used to transfer the design onto the t-shirt or jerseys. High temperatures are then used throughout the print process. The heat causes the inks molecules to stick to the material by changing them into a gas.

The Benefits of Sublimation uniforms

If you order sublimation uniforms for your whole team, each player can have their name and numbers printed on their uniform, as well as the team logo. As YBA produces good quality uniforms, the lettering won’t crack or fade. The company can provide sublimated uniforms, which will last several seasons.

With YBA Shirt’s sublimation uniforms, the number of logos you have printed won’t impact the cost. You won’t be charged extra for more logos, which means you can include sponsorship logos on your uniforms.

Sublimation uniforms are of excellent quality and feel comfortable to wear. The material will stay smooth for a long time and will make your team look and feel great. If you’re sick of playing in a jersey that’s old or that has cracked numbers, now is a good time to invest in a new uniform. Having a kit that looks good can boost team morale and make your team feel more confident. This could even increase team self-esteem and chances of winning.

Sublimated Jerseys by YBA Shirts

Gain all the benefits of sublimated uniforms by investing in a new team uniform from YBA Shirts. Your team will not only look great, but they could improve their confidence and chances of winning.

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