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Tips for Cleaning Sports Jerseys


Tips for Cleaning Sports Jerseys

At YBA Shirts, we’ve perfected our sublimation printing processes to bring you prints that remain bright and lasting throughout your entire winning season. However, proper maintenance can also play an essential role in making sure your sports jerseys last. Here are a few tips to keep your team looking sharp.

Wash Them Together

One of the best ways to wash jerseys is with other jerseys. If you don’t have other jerseys to throw in the washer, you can also use towels. The main idea here is to give the jersey enough weight for a thorough clean. If you wash it by itself, it will float on top of the water.

Neutral Detergent

Make sure to use the right products and chemicals when cleaning your jerseys. Not all detergent is the same, and dry-cleaning chemicals can be rough on your jersey. Otherwise, you may find your jersey cleaned of its logos and numbers. At YBA Shirts, our sublimation printing fuses the ink with the material itself, creating jerseys that last through the wear and tear of machine washing.

Repeatedly Rinse

If your jersey has gone for an extended period of time without being washed, you might consider running it through at least three rinse cycles. This will ensure that all the concession stand stains, all the sweat, and all the grass stains come clean.

Warm Water

The temperature of the water is another critical component of caring for your jersey. While many detergents work better in warm water, but you’ll want to avoid anything over 100 degrees. If you know that the water in your home runs hot, try using the cold setting.

Avoid the Dryer

Dryers are never okay for sports jerseys. Even with quality sublimation prints, a dryer can shrink the jersey altogether and can bake in what would’ve otherwise been temporary stains. Luckily, materials like polyester and mesh dry quickly, even without going through a dry cycle.

At YBA Shirts, we can help you create the perfect designs with materials and printing that lasts. Our high-end sublimation and screen printing can have your team looking sharp clear up to the championship. Best of all, we can have your custom uniforms delivered to you in two to three weeks. Visit our website today to learn more.

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