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Should You Invest in Sublimation?


Should You Invest in Sublimation?

Most sportswear items made to promote a high school sports team are made with low-quality fabrics and feature uninspired prints. After a few months of washing them, the logo eventually wears off, and the size has changed, creating an uncomfortable fit. It’s hard to gift team hoodies or t-shirts to family and friends, knowing that the items aren’t durable and that the colors will eventually fade away. So the question is, should you invest in sublimation? The company that does the printing and the type of printing done are deciding factors in finding this answer. A higher-quality print can be achieved using a technique called sublimation. Sublimation started in East Asia and China and is a method of heat printing ink onto fabric. This results in a crisp, detailed and vibrant image. Sublimation is able to produce photo-quality images onto apparel and accessories.


There is a concern that sublimation printing is expensive. But the reality is, the results are a great value for the cost, and competitively priced. The resulting apparel is durable. Because of the natural stretch of the fabric, the added movement makes the fit just right. A reputable printing company will share available clothing options on their website. You should be able to browse through their selection of items, and easily order.

Sublimated items are worth investing in because you can ensure that the quality is right. Before you invest in multiple pieces and send them to friends and family, determine the method of printing. This will make all the difference, and if done with quality in mind, the clothing can rival that of your favorite brands.

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