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4 Types of Creative School-Spirit T-Shirts


4 Types of Creative School-Spirit T-Shirts

Looking for some fun ways to show your school spirit? We’ve got your back. At YBA Shirts, we do more than just sublimation printing for sports leagues. We can print any custom design for your school, camp, or organization. The real challenge, though, might not be where to print as much as what to print.

Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

Sponsor School Event

Have a school play or field day coming up? Or maybe an annual event? This is the perfect opportunity to look into printing shirts. Use fun, eye-catching designs or maybe even match the design already been used in the advertising. Then allow others to show their support and spread the word by making them available to family, fans, or any other community participants.

Celebrate the 100th Day

By the time you reach this day of school, the novelty has long worn off, even for teachers. Celebrate the efforts of students and teachers alike by printing 100th day shirts. Use the letters in your school colors or maybe get the yearbook committee involved and add some fun highlights from the year. Regardless of the design, our sublimation and other printing processes can take your idea and make it a crisp, bright reality.

Last Day of School Shirts

This next idea is along the same lines. Consider celebrating the last day of school with a  specially-made t-shirt just for the occasion. You could add different colors for different classes or decide on whatever designs will add to the end-of-school events. This can make the school year more memorable and can even become collectible for students who attend consecutive years.

General School Spirit

One way to raise funds for programs and events is by selling school spirit merchandise. Design some fun t-shirts and other promotional items and then make it available in an online store. You can then send the link out to parents, staff, and community members where they can make a purchase. This can promote unity in both the school and the community.

These are just a few ideas. You may have many more of your own and at YBA Shirts, if you can think it we can print it. We are mostly known for our high-end sublimation printing for athletics, but we put just as much thought and quality into school t-shirts and other promotional items. Visit our website to pick the style, or canvas, for your custom designs and logos.

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