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Sublimation and The Common Fabrics Used


Sublimation and The Common Fabrics Used

When it comes to team uniforms, comfort should be one of your top priorities. It’s no secret that athletes, from amateurs to pros, hate wearing cheap and uncomfortable uniforms to their games and practices. If you want your players to perform, you’re going to want to equip them with a uniform that they’ll feel comfortable in and be proud to display on the pitch. So, how do you combine comfort and style without sacrificing anything from both sides? By taking advantage of sublimation, of course.

We here at YBA Shirts can achieve this by using sublimation printing to create high-quality, custom uniforms. Sublimation printing allows for designs, numbers and lettering to become a part of the fabric. This ensures that you don’t feel the designs, as well as to prevent them from cracking, peeling and fading. In this blog, we’re going to cover which fabrics are common in the sublimation process. Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of which type of uniforms will best suit your team.

Fabrics That Work

Polyester is the best fabric to use if you want to attain a superior print. Most of the products which we use for sublimation printing here at YBA Shirts consist of polyester. Using 100 percent polyester material is recommended, although you could utilize products that are 60 percent polyester; this is the minimum, however. You can also use Nylon in sublimation printing and you’ll often find it in a polyester-nylon mix.

Adhesive paper is used when lycra, spandex and other elastic fabrics are used in the sublimation process.

 What Sublimation Won’t Work On

Sublimation, however, cannot under any circumstances be used on 100 percent cotton fabric. The reason being that cotton fabric is not meant to withstand high temperatures. If you’re looking to order 100 percent cotton apparel, you’ll want to look into utilizing a t-shirt transfer paper.

Here at YBA Shirts, we offer various customization options when it comes to our sublimated jerseys. From equipping your school with new uniforms to ordering a large quantity for your league, we have you covered.

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