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4 Interesting Facts About Dye-Sublimation

4 Interesting Facts About Dye-Sublimation

Here at YBA Shirts, we pride ourselves on our sublimation printing process. Dye-sublimation allows us to create quality uniforms for our clients, ranging from high schools to recreational leagues. We know how important quality is to sports teams, and we want to help you understand why sublimation printing is one of the most popular printing methods. In this piece, we’re going to talk about four of the top dye-sublimation facts.

The Process: Heat and Solid Ink

Sublimation is unique compared to other printing methods. The process includes using solid ink instead of liquid ink, which is primarily used in inkjet and laser printing. The solid ink is first heated, then imprinted onto the desired product. At YBA, our printing applies to anything form custom basketball jerseys to corporate apparel. The solid ink transforms into a gaseous vapor, which becomes a part of the fabric. This leads to long-lasting and comfortable uniforms.

It’s Better for the Environment

Not only does dye-sublimation yield high-quality uniforms, but it’s better for the environment. This is a direct result of the method of printing discussed in the previous point. Other printing methods involve a liquid stage that requires a significant amount of water. Dye-sublimation still uses some water, although very little. Additionally, sublimation printing yields very little waste and uses less ink than other methods.

Sublimation Offers Complete Customization

Sublimation holds a major advantage over its printing counterparts in the fact that it doesn’t require plates. This allows consumers to take advantage of an unmatched level of customization, all of which is done digitally.

Sublimation Printing is Quick

On top of everything else, dye-sublimation boasts quick turnaround times. This means that you don’t have to choose between quality and delivery times.

At YBA Shirts, we offer our clients nothing but the best of the best in the realm of custom sportswear. Check out our catalog today and give us a call to get your custom quote on anything from custom PE uniforms to corporate company apparel.

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