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Custom Basketball Jerseys: What a players number means to them

Custom Basketball Jerseys: What a players number means to them

Ever wondered what the numbers on the backs of basketball uniforms mean? Could it be the players’ lucky numbers? For starters, a basketball player’s number is a marker of their position. It is common for players to feel good or bad about being associated with a specific number for no apparent reason than they have spent their sporting career donning it. Whatever the case, players are assigned different numbers depending on their positions on the basketball court.

What do Basketball numbers signify?

Like in other sports, basketball leagues rely on either a single or double digits between 0 and 5. That means it can be anywhere from 0, 00, 1-5, 10-15, 20-25, and so forth. But when it comes to mock tournaments, these numbers can only be used to promote nonverbal communication between the referee and the official scorer. Most of the time, a referee will communicate using fingers to signify the player’s number. However, in college basketball competitions, a single-digit number can be recorded using a leading zero.

If a player’s number falls between 0 and 99, they are qualified to participate in the NBA competitions. In exceptional cases, the numbers 6 through 9 may also be allowed for players who have retained their college numbers.

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