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Common Jersey Styles


Common Jersey Styles

Managing a sports team can be challenging if you don’t’ have a reliable uniform supplier. In sports, a jersey is a shirt that an athlete wears bearing their name and jersey number. Today, new models of jerseys have continued to be designed and have evolved into fashion accessories, especially those created using sublimation. The most common styles of jerseys are cycling jerseys, hockey jerseys, sleeveless basketball jerseys, baseball button up jerseys and soccer jerseys.

When it comes to ordering jerseys as a club coach, you struggle with jersey sizing, design, styles and options, quantities, quick response, and getting a fast turn-around time. That’s why we here at YBA Shirts make it a priority to meet the needs of our clients. We offer a vast collection of the latest jersey designs, sublimation, fast delivery times, quick response, small to large order sizes, variety of brands, and an extensive selection of options as well as custom hard goods.

Common Styles of Jerseys Used in Sublimation

Baseball Jerseys

The new baseball jerseys offer a design with a button-up uniform in a set-in or raglan style sleeves. We also have performance fit tops and tees for use during practice, baseball pants, and compression sleeves in bicep to wrist length.

Basketball Jerseys

We have different sizes of basketball jerseys and shorts to fit all your teams’ needs. We also give you more variety of basketball uniform options to choose from, including shorter shirts, compression sleeves, base layers and pullover hoodies.

Football Jerseys

Football is a tough sport, and it requires tough sporting apparel. Durable material that features double shoulders plus a three-needle finish should be used to create a quality football jersey. At YBA Shirts, we design quality football jerseys that can withstand all the pulling, tugging and tearing that these jerseys face. We can cater to the needs of big and small teams and leagues alike.

Lacrosse Hockey Jerseys

Good quality lacrosse jerseys are more spacious compared to the field hockey jerseys to create room for underneath protective pads. Our collection of lacrosse jerseys range from sleeved shirts to reversible tanks with either narrow or broad shoulders.

Soccer Jerseys

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. The jersey designs and quality have improved over the years, and now you can customize them the way you need. We use a three-point needle stitch to create our soccer jerseys to ensure durability.

No matter the jersey type, sublimation can be done on any of these jerseys. Other sports jersey styles that you can find at YBA Shirts include track, volleyball and wrestling jerseys. We have over 40 years of experience in jersey design and construction. This gives us the ability to fulfill large orders for youth sports leagues, schools and businesses.

For a fast turn-around time, sublimation services and quality apparel, order with us at YBA Shirts today!

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We have over 40 years of experience fulfilling large orders for youth sports leagues, schools, and companies.