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How to Create the Best-Looking Team Uniforms

Build Your Own Team Uniform

How to Create the Best-Looking Team Uniforms

Every sports team, be it in the major leagues or down at the community level, needs a uniform. It has become very easy to build your own team uniforms but there is a bit of an art to it. You can’t just slap on a team name, logo, and color match without giving it much thought. Here are our best tips for how you can ensure the team uniforms you create are looking their best.

Opt For Two Colors

The first thing you may want to consider is whether you should go with one or two colors. Adding a second color will provide a bit of extra definition and flair to a uniform, and has been a strategy employed by sports teams for decades. People enjoy uniforms that have two colors more than when there is just one solid color being used. It will cost a little bit extra when you build your own team uniforms but the price is worth it.

You can have a primary color that dominates the uniforms while having a secondary color that is more for accenting. A little bit of the second color can go a long way, and will reduce the costs slightly that are associated with having a two-color uniform.

Have a Quality Logo

A great-looking logo will be eye-catching and memorable. If you want to have something similar to the iconic logos you see in the major leagues, there are a few key areas you need to focus on.

For starters, you need a font that will ensure the team name is perfectly legible from far away. You want to make sure people can easily understand what the team name is and save them the headache of trying to figure out what it spells out. Avoid funky fonts and go with the classic lettering you always see on team spirit wear. Go big and bold!

You also want to make sure the logo’s colors are going to stand out brightly and contrast with the colors of the uniforms. Complimentary combinations of colors are the way to go. Speaking of colors, you will want to also apply the same rules to a mascot or some sort of design element. Make it clearly visible so people don’t have to decipher what it is. Are they looking at a woodchuck or a bear? Make sure it is clear when standing far away. Putting too many details into this feature will actually make the logo look worse. Keep things simple and look at what popular logos in the NFL use.


When you follow our tips, you will be able to build your own team uniforms and make them look just like the pros in the big leagues. YBA Shirts makes it straightforward and quick to create the best-looking team uniforms you can get. Take a look at what we offer and get started on your uniforms today!

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