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Three Tips Regarding Custom PE Uniform Design

custom PE uniforms

Three Tips Regarding Custom PE Uniform Design

There are a few things that designers from sportswear companies apply to come up with bold PE uniforms for different schools. Custom PE uniforms bring many benefits to a group; they build unity among students because they see each other as equals with a single purpose.

Here at YBA, we create high-quality, custom PE uniforms for schools. We help you come up with a unique design that aligns with your vision and accurately showcases what your school is all about. Here are three tips regarding an effective uniform design:

custom PE uniforms


  1. Choosing the Right Colors

Colors are a critical part of the design because they should be able to match your school’s colors. A majority of schools use standard colors such as white, black, red, navy blue and royal blue. Pairing one of these colors with another rarely used color can create a beautiful uniform. We will assist you in creating custom PE uniforms that your students will fall in love with.

  1. Simplicity

Never underestimate simplicity. Most famous brands and teams have simple designs ranging from very few colors to easy to understand logos. Your aim should be to create a uniform for Physical Education that represents your school vision and promotes school spirit. You should limit the shoulder and panel designs. You can also avoid neck ribbing or creating a fancy sleeve.

Our services are budget-friendly. We provide a wide variety of decoration options such as screen printing and heat sealing, among others for our customers. With us, you no longer have to worry about late orders, as we work hard to ensure accurate and transparent turnaround times.

  1. Fonts

You can find thousands of font options throughout the internet. When choosing a font for your custom PE uniforms, ensure that it encompasses your school’s values. A great font should also be legible when printed on a uniform. It would help if you also focused on the number glyphs when deciding on the font for your custom PE t-shirts and shorts.

Many school administrators and team coaches spend an excessive amount of time on design, ordering and coming up with logos. YBA has a solution to all of these problems.

With us, you are assured easy ordering, a seamless design process, exciting style options, and comfortable materials. We are your one-stop-shop for quality school t-shirts, PE uniforms and school apparel.

Designing a physical education uniform shouldn’t force you to blow your budget, nor should you be expected to sacrifice elegant designs due to pricing. Contact us today to get a quote for your custom PE uniforms.



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