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Why High Schools Love Working With Us

custom PE uniforms

Why High Schools Love Working With Us

At YBA Sports, we deliver high-quality uniforms for sports teams and schools. Our broad selection of custom PE uniforms provides function and comfort ideal for a high school setting. There are many reasons why we love working with high schools and, according to our customer comments and feedback, they seem to enjoy the superior quality and professional services provided by our YBA sales team.

Our custom PE uniforms are budget-friendly for schools and families. We start with a basic template in your school colors and add school logos and other features desired by our clients. We’re a family-oriented company and understand the importance of producing clothing that school personnel, family members and students approve of.

custom PE uniforms

Why Coaches, Principals and PE Teachers Choose YBA

Before your school places an order, we ensure that the resulting uniforms meet your school dress code. However, we offer design and color options that let decision-makers incorporate the unique aspects of the school, such as mascots, team names and other elements.

Our dedicated sales representatives coordinate on-time delivery. We know that fast turnaround is important to ensure each student gets their custom PE uniforms in time to start the new semester or school year right. That’s why we deliver within 2-3 weeks of order placement.

As part of every order, we provide:

  • Free 3-D uniform proof
  • Personal sales/service rep
  • Free uniforms for P.E. teachers

Custom PE Uniforms Students Love

Although our uniforms foster a sense of unity and conformity, we know that students have different preferences, and our selection reflects that. Comfort is one of the most important aspects of any uniform used for physical activity. We also make our shirts, pants and shorts easy to put on and remove so that students can dress and get ready to go back to class quickly.

Our custom PE uniforms boost school spirit and morale. With everyone wearing the same thing, students can concentrate on learning new sports and mastering skills and drills.

Our History of Excellence

For over 40 years, we have manufactured custom PE uniforms that schools approve of and students love. Whether the order covers 100 students or 10,000, we are committed to guaranteeing that you get the best uniforms at the lowest possible prices.

At YBA, we make, print and ship the uniforms from a single location. This helps us keep costs down and we pass that savings on to schools with limited budgets. Contact us today for a free quote or more information on our products and services.

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