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Three Ways to Show Gratitude to Teachers and Faculty

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Three Ways to Show Gratitude to Teachers and Faculty

Your P.E instructors put forth a ton of effort in ensuring that your physical education is both as fun and as effective as possible. From going to bat with administrators to get your class a fresh order of custom PE uniforms to creating a curriculum that focuses on more than just running around the track all period, they do their best to keep you engaged. So, how do you show appreciation to your instructors as a student? Here are just a few ways that you can show your teachers that you appreciate the effort they put into the classroom.

Send Them an Appreciative Email

This is a simple one, but it can go a long way. One way to show your P.E. instructor that you appreciate what they do for the class is by writing them a kind email. Whether you’re thanking them for the stunning new custom PE uniforms they were able to get for your class or simply letting them know that you’re enjoying the class, they’ll be sure to appreciate your kind words.

Help Them Set Up the Class

If you know that you’ll be playing a sport or participating in an activity that requires more set-up than a regular class, offer to help with setting up. Your P.E. teacher will greatly appreciate your help, not to mention you’ll have more time to play if you finish setting up quicker.

Put in a Good Word to Your Principal

This is a step-up from writing your P.E. instructor an email. By letting your principal know how great of a job your teacher is doing, you’ll increase their chances of getting promotions, raises and other faculty rewards. Apart form this, your teacher will appreciate the extra mile you went to put in a good word for them to their boss.

So, whether your P.E. teacher makes gym the most enjoyable period of the day or if they’re always knocking it out of the park with custom PE uniforms, make sure that you take the time to show your gratitude to them.

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