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How to Choose the Correct Sizes for Custom Jerseys

custom basketball jerseys

How to Choose the Correct Sizes for Custom Jerseys

Buying custom basketball jerseys for your team is essential. Uniforms foster unity among team members and improve their morale when they are on the court. Jerseys also give a sense of identity not only when they are playing but also when they are in the neighborhood. A correctly-sized uniform feels comfortable to play in because it fits your body perfectly. A player with a correctly-sized jersey is likely to have improved performance on the court. This player focuses more on the game than the distractions that tight or baggy jerseys come with.

YBA Shirts is a leading sports jersey manufacturer in America. We make custom jerseys with durable, high-quality fabric. We have made PE uniforms for different schools, sports jerseys for different leagues and corporate apparel for various companies for over 40 years.

YBA Shirts will perform quality processing of your order using only the best inks and embroidery applications. You will never regret working with us because we deliver on time.
Below are some of the tips on how to choose the correct sizes for custom jerseys:

  1. Chest Size

    It is crucial to select the right jersey size for each team player by considering their chest sizes. A uniform smaller than the chest size makes the player uncomfortable and therefore distracted on the court.
    A jersey that has the same size as the chest is good for the player but only for a short while because they will outgrow it. A slightly larger one is great because it allows for growth and keeps the player focused on the game!

  2. Waist size

    Waist size determines the size of your basketball players’ shorts. Leading basketball shorts have an elastic waistband featuring a jacquard drawcord. When choosing the correct size of shorts, we always recommend “sizing up.”

  3. Inseam

    Measure the inside of the leg from the crotch down to the top of the shoe. Your sports pants should fit your inseam measurement to achieve the correct size. YBA Shirts manufactures high-quality custom basketball jerseys and shorts for school teams and sports leagues at affordable prices.

We process your order with diligence while considering the chest and waist size of each of your team players to come up with correct-sized jerseys. If you intend to purchase custom jerseys for your school or league, contact us today for a quote through 1(866)697-7230.

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