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Why Some Athletes Prefer Sleeves on Warm Up Gear

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Why Some Athletes Prefer Sleeves on Warm Up Gear

Custom basketball jerseys and other athletic uniforms are tailor-fit for the sport that they represent. It should be the same for your workout gear. Just like on the court or on the field, what you wear affects your performance, for better or for worse. So why do some athletes have long sleeves as their choice in warm-up gear?

Quicker Warm-Up

One of the more obvious reasons for wearing long sleeves for a warm-up is that they quite literally help you warm up. There’s much less room for the heat to escape, which makes it easy for your muscles to get and stay warm while you prep for practice or a workout. This can be especially true in colder temperatures.

Weight Loss

Another reason you might see long sleeves at the gym or on the court before a sporting event is the weight loss factor. Wearing long sleeves increases sweat which makes it easier to shed water-weight pounds. Athletes that need to maintain a certain weight, such as wrestlers, may use this strategy to help them achieve their goals.


Then there’s the simple matter of personal preference. Some athletes simply prefer the look or the feel of long sleeves. Aesthetics can be just as important for warm-up gear as it is for custom basketball jerseys or other tailor-fit items.

Whatever your team’s style, at YBA Shirts our sports apparel can match it. Whether its custom basketball jerseys for your league, promotional items for your fans, or sports equipment we’ve got you covered. We know that an important part of warm-up is getting in the right mindset. Contact us today for gear that can help your team stay united and focused.

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