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About Our All-Inclusive Uniforms

custom basketball jerseys

About Our All-Inclusive Uniforms

We’re excited to announce our new builder for making your own custom sublimated jerseys and uniforms! One of our main priorities here at YBA Shirts is making sure you get your team orders delivered to you as efficiently as possible. This means from the moment you begin ruminating up logo ideas to the moment you open the package.

Our years of experience has allowed us to perfect our manufacturing and delivering processes, which is why we have such a quick turn around for our sublimation printed and other products. So now we’ve turned our attention to our customizer.

Now when you log in to create your uniform, the process is the same for any team, whether school or league. Just pick your colors, enter your team’s name, and select the sport. Then you can choose whether you want the uniform designs to be men’s women’s or co-ed. 

That’s all! You can then begin selecting from our pre-made designs and jersey styles. From there, you have the option of saving your design to present to your team or committee or you can  place your order. Choose your team’s sizes and quantity of jerseys and then you’re well on your way to making your ideas a reality. 

You can find our new uniform builder by visiting our website and selection “Team Orders.” We know you and your team have a lot to focus on this coming season without the hassle of ordering new uniforms. At YBA we work to make our process for ordering sublimation printed products as accommodating as possible, so check out our builder today and let the creativity flow! 

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