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5 Tips for Planning a Solid Practice

custom basketball jerseys

5 Tips for Planning a Solid Practice

With over 40 years of experience, our team at YBA Shirts knows how vital practice and experience is to a job well done. Our years in the printing business have allowed us to perfect our game plan and teamwork to what we are today, and we know that it’s no different for the sports leagues that we’ve worked with to create custom basketball jerseys. The more practice, the better.

However, not all practice is created equal. Here are some pointers for planning a solid practice routine and boosting your performance on the court:

Have a Schedule

Plan ahead with a written workout schedule. This can help ensure that you cover all the bases before practice time is up. Make sure to allot specific time for each of the drills or offensive and defensive segments that would most benefit your team. Get the most out of practice by making sure each minute counts toward something.

Vary Up the Fundamentals

We help design and print custom basketball jerseys, so we know how important variety is to a quality job. It’s no different when it comes to practice. Improve skills and keep athletes engaged by switching up the fundamentals drills. Find unique ways to include dribbling, rebounding, and ball handling. This can help you fine-tune specific areas where your team needs improvement and can be more helpful than spending a whole practice doing five-on-five.

Do Conditioning

When scheduling out your practice, make sure to include days for conditioning. While it might make for a challenging workout for your athletes, it pays off in the long run. Keep players at their top performance level by helping them train their bodies to perform well even while exhausted.

Incorporate Game Situations

We know how important it is to look good during the big game, which is why we are meticulous with our custom basketball jerseys. Make sure your team can perform well under high-pressure. One way to improve this skill is to set up game situations into your practice. Set a time limit on a drill or keep score to keep your team quick on their feet.

Always Practice Shooting

Whatever you decide on for practice, make sure always to incorporate shooting practice to keep your team’s skills polished. Shooting practice can be a good thing to do near the end when your team’s energy is waning.

The more work, enthusiasm, and fun that you incorporate into your team’s practice, the better. At YBA Shirts, we can help you accurately reflect the professional effort and contagious energy of your players. We design our custom basketball jerseys to be just as bright and durable as your team spirit. Visit our website to learn more.




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