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4 Ways to Boost Teamwork

custom basketball jerseys

4 Ways to Boost Teamwork

Teamwork is vital to your performance out on the field or the court. At YBA Shirts, we create custom basketball jerseys, lacrosse uniforms, volleyball shorts, and a variety of other sports gear. We aim to reflect the personality and unity of a wide variety of different teams. However, even custom basketball jerseys can only take you so far in representing your team if athletes don’t work well together. Here are some tips to help encourage unity in your players.


Drills and practices can help fine-tune skills, but there are deeper aspects to coaching a team that affects performance. You want to make sure you cultivate a culture of good listening on your team, and it all starts with the coach, volunteers, and assistants. If someone expresses a concern, keep an open mind, and resist the temptation to get defensive. Practice responding thoughtfully rather than responding based on your emotions. Players will trust leadership if they feel they are being heard.

Share Decisions

A big part of being a team is making decisions together. Allow athletes to decide together on places to eat, where to stay on overnight trips, or even what designs you want on your custom basketball jerseys. The more you include your players on team decisions, the easier it will be for them to feel a sense of team morale. Give your athletes a chance to contribute to the team, and they will be more invested in its success.

Show Gratitude

Gratitude is a simple way to boost your team’s morale. Don’t wait until the end of the season to show your appreciation for individual athletes and staff members. Consider making simple phone calls or leaving a note to let team members know how much they mean to the team. Be sure to recognize every player’s contribution. If you, as the coach, acknowledge it, it will be easier for fellow teammates to recognize it as well.

Be Positive

The way you speak to your team—and the way they speak to each other—makes a huge difference in individual and group performance. Remember to keep a positive tone and to focus on what is going right. This can help athletes avoid the sort of discouragement that kills motivation out on the field or court.

At YBA Shirts, we outfit multiple different teams, from sports leagues to work for teams. If your team is looking for a better way to represent themselves, check out our custom basketball jerseys. We partner with popular brands to bring you the best materials, and we boast a turnaround rate of 2-3 weeks. We can keep your team looking sharp with quality uniforms that reflect your quality teamwork. Visit our website to learn more.

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