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Why Basketball Warm-Up Gear is as Important as Uniforms

basketball jerseys

Why Basketball Warm-Up Gear is as Important as Uniforms

Everyone sees teams in their basketball uniform, but, not much thought goes into basketball warm-up gear. The truth, warm-up gear is just as crucial as the uniforms. Basketball jerseys and other warm-up apparel are what’s needed to give the team a comfortable practice where they can let their talent shine through. Warm-up gear serves much the same purpose as the uniform and is essential for several reasons.

basketball jerseys

Proper Movement

Warm-up gear, such as basketball jerseys, are loose-fitting and allows for adequate movement. It will enable a player to move quickly without restricting movement. Clothing that is tight or ill-fitting affects a player’s range of motion and will affect how well a player performs.


A player needs quality warm-up gear that fits just right for protection. If a basketball jersey or other gear doesn’t fit properly, then the player can get tangled in their clothing and pick up an injury.


Players feel like a part of the team when they are all wearing the same basketball jerseys. The consistency in warm-up gear will unite the side and allow players to work together to improve the group as a whole.

Solutions for Every Need

Club directors have many concerns when it comes to ordering basketball jerseys and other warm-up gear for their players. Some of these concerns include:

  • Creating uniform design
  • Getting correct sizes
  • Getting deliveries on time
  • Having multiple options
  • Finding a printing company large enough to handle the order

These orders can be for a small amount, such as 75, or go up into the thousands. When you order from YBA Shirts, you can rest assured we can handle any orders of any size. You can depend on us for fast turnaround times and quick delivery of your product. Not only do you have a variety of brands from which to choose when you place an order with YBA Shirts, but we can produce designs quickly and efficiently. We have a large selection of options, and we also offer custom hard goods such as equipment, balls, nets and other equipment. If you’re ready to get your team fired up during their practices, then you need to order custom basketball jerseys from YBA Shirts. Not only will the team look sharp in their warm-up gear, but they will be motivated to do their best for the team.

We have over 40 years of experience fulfilling large orders for youth sports leagues, schools, and companies.