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Why Professional Basketball Teams Are Choosing Sublimation


Why Professional Basketball Teams Are Choosing Sublimation

Sublimation is a manufacturing process where the whole design of a jersey is infused into its fabric directly. The numbers, logos, striping, and player names are a part of the jersey fabric. It starts as a digital design, which is first printed on paper and then pressed onto the jersey fabric. The process happens at high pressure and temperature. Professional basketball teams prefer sublimation for the following reasons:

1. Value

Sublimation jerseys give more value than screen-printed options. The logos, numbers, and player names remain in good condition for a long time. They do not fade or crack since they are infused directly into the fabric. The process does not impact the price, and it makes more sense than screen-printing.

2. Full-Color Artwork

With sublimation jerseys, you can include intricate designs and artwork into your jerseys. You have a variety of options in textures, pin-stripes, and camouflage patterns. You also get a wider variety of color options. They offer you more options than conventional jerseys. The printed logos in sublimation jerseys are in full color. With screen-printed jerseys, you have to pay more for any additional colors.

3. Better Playing

Playing in sublimation jerseys feels better than in screen-printed ones. The fabric stays smooth and comfortable, and you don’t need to worry about dried ink’s discomfort. The jerseys are lighter than stitched-on or embroidered printing. They may promote the better play.

4. Good Looks

Sublimation jerseys look great. Unlike traditional jerseys, the colors pop and continue looking good for a long time. The designs of sublimation jerseys are dyed in to the fabric before anything else. The images and designs are more vibrant and detailed than traditional jerseys.

5. They Don’t Go Out of Style

Sublimation jerseys are custom made, so they never go out of style. You do not need to replace them at the end of the season. The manufacturer can hold onto your style in case you need a replacement.

Contact YBA shirts if you need sublimation jerseys for your basketball team. They are stylish, good-looking, and they never go out of style.

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