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Hat Instruction Page

RMSB has partnered with YBA Shirts to provide a custom hat builder to RMSB Teams. This hat builder will allow your Team to create custom designed hats at an affordable price. There are many hat options, and many design options for you to choose from. RMSB has negotiated a 30% discount for RMSB Teams as well. When you design the Hat, MSRP pricing will be shown in the upper right of the hat builder Screen as a running total as you customize the hat. Your final price will reflect a 30% discount off the MSRP price.

You can create a great custom hat for your Team, and the process is pretty easy. Here are step-by-step instructions to get you going, and don’t worry, you can’t break the builder, just have a blast customizing your hat!  After you customize your hat, and have it saved with a Cap Builder#, you will simply email the Cap Builder# to RMSB@YBAshirts.com. Then a customer Service Representative will contact you to get the all the information needed to place your hat order.

If you want to reference these instruction as you build your hat, just open another web page, and switch between the instructions and the builder.

Start by selecting the hat you want to customize:

These are the best hats for Baseball (feel free to look at the other options as well)

On-Field Classic

Elite Series


  1. Select the Series (Select from the left pull-down menu)
  2. Then select the Type you want (Select from the right pull-down menu)
    1. At the bottom of the Pull-down menu, there is a choice, Custom, for a custom designed hat, which allows you to make additional design choices (if selecting a custom hat, after you select the custom hat options skip to step 4):
      1. Crown Color
      2. Visor Color
  • Button Color
  1. Eyelet Color
  2. Piping Color and placement
  1. Then the Color
  2. Then select Close

Now you are ready to customize your hat!

There are 4 areas to customize the hat:

Customize Front:

There are 4 options for the front of the hat:

Team Letters has 2 options:

Stock Team Letters:

Selecting Stock Team Letters allows you to add up to 3 letters to the front of the hat, change colors, change fonts, make the letters 3D (when printed), or change the Layout:

Changing one of the above choices will change the hat on the builder, so the selecting above choices gives you this:

You will notice in the above graphic that there is a blue outline around the M, that allows you to move and resize the letter. You can select each letter to move or resize.


Custom Team Letters:

Custom Team Letters allows you to add a logo to the front of the hat. This supports display of jpeg, png and gif images (other file formats can be uploaded but are not displayed on the cap).


Select Upload Image and navigate to the image you want to use:

Once the image is uploaded, it will appear on the front of the hat:

There are other options as well:

Selecting Custom Design from the original menu is the same thing as selecting Custom Team Letters from the Team Letters Menu.

Wording Only:

This allows you to add words and text to the hat front and change the font and color of the words and text. You can add up to 2 lines to the front of the hat.

These choices give you this hat:

Notice there is the blue box and grid lines, so you can move and resize each line.


Stock Design gives you pre-made designs and logos to decorate the hat, there are tons to choose from, here’s an example:

Stock Designs to choose from

Selecting Cougar gives you this hat:

But we want to change the Words and colors, so you do that on the right:

You can select and change each element of the design (after you change the text)

The above has 3 elements to change, the word Cougar, the word Baseball, and the Tail. You click on each element to change it, for instance, selecting the word Cougar allows you to change the text and the color of the text, same with the word baseball and the tail (but just the color on the tail).

These changes get you this hat:

Stock Logos

Stock Logos allows you to add form a selection of logos, like an angry baseball!

You can even change the color of the logo by selecting it

You can also change different elements of the logo:

All Stars

All Stars gives you 3 choices for All Star logos, and there are options to change the elements of those logo just like the Stock Logos.


As with the Front, each of the additional choices gives you the ability to change the Left Side, Right Side, and Back of the hat.

Left Side:

Right Side:


Once you are done with your designing, over on the right you will see the final total (remember your RMSB30 code gets you a 30% discount!)

Then click SAVE & PREVIEW

That will prompt you to name your design:

Then click OK

This will give you the following:

Now you need to email the Cap Builder # to RMSB@YBAshirts.com. A customer Service Representative will contact you to get the information needed to order the hats.


*Once the order is placed, there are no changes allowed to the hat, and no returns unless defective (as these are custom).

We have over 40 years of experience fulfilling large orders for youth sports leagues, schools, and companies.