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Custom Jersey Instructions

RMSB has partnered with YBA Shirts to provide a custom Jersey builder for RMSB Teams. This Jersey builder allows your Team to create custom designed sublimated Jerseys at an affordable price. There are Multiple Jersey options, and many design options for you to choose from. RMSB has negotiated a 10% discount for RMSB Teams. When you design your Jersey, pricing will be displayed by the jersey option.

Before you get to the Jersey design page, you need to select the team colors, enter your team name, and select which sport you want. There are 3 selections available for Team Colors from the 22 color choices:

After you select the colors you want, enter the Team Name, then select the sport (there are 2 choices that apply to Baseball: Baseball, and 5 Day Tech Tees), then the Men’s/Youth, Women’s/Youth, Co-Ed selection. Select Start Designing, and you are on your way!

When you enter the Baseball builder, there are 2 Types of Jerseys, Premium and Value. The Premium Jersey has multiple choices for the Type of Jersey, select the desired Type listed at the top/right of the Premium section.

  1. Full Button Baseball Jersey
  2. V-Neck Baseball Jersey
  3. Full Button Baseball Vest
  4. Faux Front Baseball Jersey
  5. 2-Button Baseball Jersey

Also, there are multiple Styles for each Type as well. Don’t miss the arrow on the right, that will display additional Styles if available.

Premium has 6-Style choices: Brave, Bunt, Clubhouse, Dagger, Franchise, Prospect

Value has 4-Style choices: Arch, Mercyrule, Stability, Warrior

Once you select the Type and Style and select the Jersey, you go to the next page (at any time in the design process, you can change the color selections and team names too).

There are 2 main sections to the page now, the customization section on the left, and the main view.


Customization section:

For Logos, the site accepts PNG, AI and PDF files for logos.


If you choose to add a logo, select the logo placement option you want and upload the logo (Uploading a logo is only available with the Premium option, it is not available with the Value or 5 Day Tech Tee options):

Upload the logo you want to add, and you will see this screen:

If you select the actual logo, you can resize by using your mouse scroll dial, you can also crop by selecting the blue outline and dragging it to the desired location. Once it is sized to your liking, hit the save and this is what you will see:

If you don’t want to add a logo, and just keep the team name, select the upper left box to do that:

Once you have the logo uploaded you can also switch between the Team Name and logo by selecting either one in the layout section.


You can also change the Font and Player Name/Number color here:

Once you have designed the Jersey to your liking, you can either save the design, or order the Jerseys on the right of the page:

If you save your design, you will see a box on the right to enter your information in. Please fill in this information, and you will be emailed a PDF and code to retrieve your design at a later time/date.

In order to retrieve a saved design, you will need to go to the link on the landing page, or go to this URL: https://ybashirts.com/saved-designs/

Uniform Size Measurements

Let’s order some Jerseys!

Please Select at least one Jersey Size before the Continue Button will be enabled to select.

When you select Order, you will see this page:

Now just enter the quantities by size (for Premium, you must order a minimum of 6). This is where you will see the pricing as well.

After you enter the quantity by size, click Continue (Notice the subtotal):

This brings you to the Roster page, where you enter the Player Name and Number by size, just mouse over to the Name and enter that in, then the number:

Make sure you enter the information in correctly. Unfortunately, this page will not save information that you have entered unless you place the order. If you have an order that is over 50 in quantity, please contact us at RMSB@ybashirts.com, and we will process the order for you.


When you are finished, select Continue again, this brings you to the Products page, here you can order Belts, Pants, and Socks. Let’s order some belts. Select the belt, then select the color and quantity by size:

Then click Add to Cart, which brings you here:

If you want to add pants or socks, click on View More Products:

Now Pants:

Now Socks:

When you are finished and ready to checkout, click Continue To Checkout


Here you will see each Jersey with all the pertinent information:

Notice the Coupon Option, this is where you put in the RMSB10 code to get a 10% discount! Don’t forget to do this.

This is where you enter the Billing and Shipping Details:

As well as the order details:

And Payment options:

For any issues or questions, please email RMSB@ybashirts.com, and a customer service Representative will contact you.


*Once the order is placed, there are no changes allowed to the Jerseys, and no returns unless defective (as these are custom).

We have over 40 years of experience fulfilling large orders for youth sports leagues, schools, and companies.